DEN LC IN DC IS KRZY! In a great way…

my sessionHello Louisiana!

Let’s recap some of the events at the DNI Leadership Council today. We started with The Hall Davidson sharing his information and ideas about creative cellphone uses we should be fighting for, not against. Check out his clever ideas over at the speaker’s page where he has generously donated his podcast and presentation pdf files! Also check out the wiki for several resources from other presenters, including my stuff up for Goddess or God Complex. We are learning and networking with each other and this trip promises to be the best one yet! Each year you think they could not possibly top last year’s event, but somehow this young team of futuristic leaders pulls through! Great job guys and gals and whatever you could call Mike! You’re all a class act and really good sports. Just one more reason to love the DEN!

dennis and the swindler

Check out Dennis and the Triple Threat!


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