LC Summer Institute is Underway

We arrived in Silver Spring around 11:30 AM and hurriedly threw our stuff into our hotel rooms and scurried over to the Discovery Headquarters for lunch.  Over the course of the next hour the vast majority of DEN LC members arrived.  We were immediately thrown into a group project (we love them!).  Our task? Create our own version of the Discovery “Boom-De-Yada” video that highlights what we love about the DEN.  We had two hours to write song lyrics, record video, take or download pictures, throw them all into the mix, edit, and produce our video.  No pressure, right?

In all, five videos were produced.  They were all excellent.  They were all different.  It made me realize once again that we cannot afford to pigeon-hole our kids into performing “one right answer” tasks.  When their imaginations are tasked their creativity compels them to make something totally different from their peers.  Each is great.  But enough of a soap box. Below is our team effort for Boom-De-Yada.  It is professionally amateurish.  We ran out of time before we could over dub voices at the beginning, so the silence you experience is not your computer.  Like Iron Man, don’t stop watching when the credits start to roll….


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  1. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC said:

    Just watched our video again…and it made me giggle out loud. The people in the airport were looking at me quite strangely. Oh well! Thanks for a great time everyone!

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