So Much Learning, So Much Fun: The Perfect DEN Day

So Much Learning, So Much Fun: The Perfect Day. No other organization can pack so much learning and so much fun into one day. Leave it to DEN STARS and leaders to create the perfect day. It’s not only that we did some powerhouse learning, but it was HOW we learned. For many of us, it was the first time we blogged live using CoverItLive. During Hall Davidson’s keynote, 75 people joined Jen Dorman’s back channel as we input our comments and questions in real time. DEN STARS are multi-taskers by definition, I think, but today added so many new Web 2.0 tools that simplied and aggregated efforts. What I really appreciated was the collaborative nature of our endeavors; so many Web 2.0 tools embed social networking into their design, and then let you send your work into your PPLNs simultaneously. Think Diigo which lets you aggregate your information, choosing and controlling your content and community.

Then there was that fantastic DEN Carnival that our DEN leaders created. After working our brains on collective overload, we played played DENGO, Wii gaming, and some old-fashioned old-school games like break the ballon, get the tic-tac-toe balls in a straight line (without cheating), and drop coins down a slot, predicting which color you would aim for. And what was the purpose of the carnival (beyond unadulterated fun)–raffle tickets to win some super prizes at the end of the evening. Learn deeply, laugh hard, and thank your lucky stars ( pun intended) that you are a part of this Leadership Council Institute, because, quite honestly, I cannot imagine what could top this one. From the cotton candy, spun live, and DEN leaders, also spun live, living and learning just does not get any better.


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  1. Susan Tompkins said:

    RJ, congrats on the DP’s. Just exactly how many tickets did you contribute to the containers? It was great to get to be with you during the DENGO games. Emceeing it was the best part for me! Well done!

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