Cell Phones in the Classroom

Cell PhonesOn day two of the LC Institute we had a ton of great opportunities to tap into the brains of other tech savvy DEN members.I went to five sessions and learned about green screening with Adobe Premiere Elements, Professional Networking with Twitter and Plurk, and Blogging.Hall Davison also gave an excellent Keynote to start the day off with a presentation on using cell phones in the classroom. He performed this presentation at at NECC this year and I had the opportunity to see it yesterday. After his presentation I begun to get excited about using cell phones in my classroom. When I say use I mean that I will still have rules on cell phone usage but I will not have to have such a negative attitude about them.The cell phone applications that I would strongly recommend checking out are poll anywhere. You can use this to do American Idol polls in the classroom for review sessions, etc. You can stream live video from your phone through QIK, change voice to text and upload to blogs through Jott.There were a lot of cool ideas shared yesterday and I am looking forward to the ideas to come.


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