Reflection From Day 2 DEN LC National Institute

One of the things I have always said about the DEN is that when I’m given just 10 minutes in a room with DEN members, I come away with more valuable information and useful tools than I ever do in an entire day of professional development. Day 2 at the DEN LC National Institute proved to be an entire day of professional development that gave me the number of tools and ideas from those 10 minutes times 20. I am on overload! My list of tech tools to get is growing, my store of knowledge to apply to my lessons has increased, and I’m so excited to be here for a few more days!

I will dole out the ideas one or two at a time over the next few weeks so you won’t have to be overwhelmed as well. The tool I’m going to highlight today was one I learned about in Mike Bryant’s breakout session on Google Earth. It doesn’t really have a lot to do with Google Earth, but it is a fantastic tool that I’m going to keep my eye out for. It is called Eye-Fi. If you have a digital camera that uses an SD card, then this little gadget will work for you. Eye-Fi is an SD card that replaces your current card. When installed in your camera, it can automatically send any pictures you take to a Flickr, Picasa, or any other web-based picture storage account (you set it all up and tell it what to do). If you purchase one that has the geo-tagging feature, it can also automatically store the location in which the picture was taken and it is viewable in Google Earth.

The cost of these little 2 gig cards varies from $80 to $130 depending on whether you get one that geo-tags. As Mike Bryant said, “Imagine what the price will be next year”, speaking of the tendency of technology gadgets to drop in price over time. Put this on your “watch” list. I used Mike’s laptop yesterday afternoon during a presentation and got to see all the pictures he was taking throughout the institute downloading on to his computer as he took them. This is a really cool technology and one that has so many potential uses in both our personal and professional lives!


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