Steve Dembo's Keynote at National Institute

I’m sitting in a very active room full of educators on Day 3 of the DEN LC National Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland. Steve Dembo is the keynote speaker this morning. I’m embedding the live blog again today. It seemed to work great – if you can’t join the live session you can still read the archive from this post! CoverItLive is a great tool, although I’m thinking that, as a presenter, it’s going to take some getting used to because my audience will be looking like they aren’t paying attention as they quickly blog on the spot!

If you’d like to see the live blogs from other sessions yesterday, hop over to the Pennsylvania DEN blog (or visit other state blogs as well), and you’ll find the blogs from several sessions.


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  1. Mark Dunk said:

    I appreciate the updates in the blogs and on twitter. I’m learning to multitask with the best of them.

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