The Post That Wouldn't: Boom De Yada, Virtual Jannita, and Passing the Finger

Just when you begin to feel comfortable with a technology, that you might know a thing or two, doesn’t that fickle finger of fate find you somehow.  So it has been with my Opening Day post about our first project, Boom De Yada, and Jannita’s virtual message to us, officially opening the LC Institute 2008.  Then there’s passing the finger, from Jannita, to Lance and Scott, and ultimately and unanimously to Riptide Furst, aka Fred Deventhal.  I tried more time than worth to get that post back to the PA blog, without disturbing the integrity of the blog.  Nothing worked.  So, if you want to read about Riptide’s finger, you can find it cross-posted on Changing Connections.

As Day 3 of the LC dawns, we look forward to another day of learning, day of fun with the green screen, our leaders and fellow friends.  A special shout out to my new buddies: Tim from Tennesee and Evelyn and Karen from Arkansas LC, later arrivals, but definitely glad we connected last night.  Have a great day!


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  1. Karen Wells said:

    Thanks for the great PA welcome,”Eugene”! We enjoyed visiting with you last night and are excited to get to work in Arkansas.

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