Day 4 National Institute

2676354455_0f97565d75.jpgIt’s been a couple of days since  I blogged. That’s because we’ve been so busy with activities and working on our projects. Yesterday, we got to go to a nice restaurant, Sequoia, near Georgetown, then we took an evening tour of Washington, DC. It was incredible seeing the monuments lit up with the moon to the side. The picture is of the entire group of us on the steps near Sequoia.

Today, we had a nearly free day of working on our projects. Early in the morning, I went with a group of people to Discovery studios where we got to work in front of a real green screen. It’ll be great to see all the great films and pictures that come from all of the studio time today.  The rest of the day was devoted to working on our projects until we were taken to the Discovery HD Theater for a special screening on a new BBC show. I will not give the specifics, but it looks like a great show!

Tomorrow, we will present our projects and be finished with this great week of collaboration, connection, and learning. Next week there will be another group of twice as many educators descending on Silver Spring. What will  they have to share? Stay tuned!


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