It's a Wrap – Newbie 101 July 16, 2008


The DEN is SL welcomed more than 17 educators to Second life on Wed at our Newbie 101 session.  Lead by JessieMarie Flannagan these new avatars were lead through the basics of communicating and navigation in SL.  We explored the menus, how to set preferences, very basic organization tips for Inventory and helped them join the DEN is Sl. Later some members of the class moved to the Sand Box to learn how to open all those freebie boxes they have been receiving. Others received some one on one support. If you are ever need a hand please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Leadership Council or DEN Guide we are eager and happy to help you.



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  1. Frank S. Lupo said:

    I was 1 of the avatars being trained last night; and I just want to say thanks so much to JessieMarie and others that guided the newbies in Second Life. Thanks!

    Frank (Salty Saenz in SL)

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