LC stands for Labor Company

Deep in the headquarters of the Discovery command center, the top minds of the CA LC have been hard at work planning, networking, and gathering wonderful lesson ideas to bring back and share with you all. While all this work is not compulsive, the efforts of the council members has nonetheless intensively focused. The picture below says it all.

We are all excited about the announcement back home of Jannita’s first baby David. Check out multiple posts at the National Blog. More to come on the fabulous ideas and upcoming events that have been previewed at this institute. Until then, keep your digital storytelling skills fresh by making your own narrative out of these images:


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  1. Melanie Ruiz said:

    I was working really hard….Bev was taking a break from all the hard work involved in the DEN LC conference. Social networking is tiring. =) I am sure I was tweeting right then…lol

  2. Katie Warren said:

    I was not sleeping behind the glasses … don’t let them fool you!

    We’d had a great day of training and walked across the street to unwind. I was reading and listening to beautiful music, children were scampering through the vertical water sprays, mothers were chatting and enjoy their children’s play. All around us people walked through and smiled as they savored the joys of summer.

    Yeah DEN!

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