Leadership Conference

The AR DEN Leadership Council spent the week in Silversprings, Maryland at Discovery Headquarters.  The LC was able to meet and share ideas with other LC members from across the US.  Discussion on planning events for Star Members was a hot topic. Everyone had the opportunity to stand in front of the camera at the Discovery Studio to shoot footage in front of the green screen.  We went to breakout sessions to learn how to use Twitter, plurk, flickr and other tools to connect with tech.


 Fourteen of us took off on a geocaching excursion in DC and was able to locate one of our caches. Found our first cache in a “sugar high” place.  We decided someone had to have removed our last cache we searched for. DEN is the BEST!


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  1. Susan Tompkins said:

    Hello New Friends! I am super excited to work with y’all on future collaborations, DEN to DEN. It makes me happy that you are up with your blog and ready to roll out some great things in Arkansas!

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