Find Your Tech Match at D-Harmony

Susan Tompkins and I (along with several others) visited Discovery’s local tech headquarters yesterday to shoot some green screen footage.  When we found out we wouldn’t get the “good” footage right away, I asked Howard Martin to video what we did with my little hand-held video camera.  The result is the ad below.  I’ve included a link to the original eHarmony ad so you can see how our ad came about.  My special thanks to Susan for a great script and idea!

The original video can be seen here

We’ll catch you up on all things LC Institute later.


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  1. Anne said:

    This is great! Very creative -thank you for sharing. Be sure to put it on your DEN blog.

  2. Anne said:

    Oh, this is your DEN Blog – he he…I drive without paying attention, too. 🙂

  3. Tracy Standhart said:

    Hey you two –
    This is FANTASTIC! What a great spoof and promo tool. I love it and can’t wait to share. 🙂

  4. Susan Tompkins said:

    LA and TN rock! Our video is an example of the collaboration that is possible through the DEN and one of the main benefits I gain as a member. The networking and ideas that occur through Discovery is outstanding. I have met some of the most innovative minds in technology use in the classroom through this venue. Thanks, Tim, for the superb video editing for being a perfectionist and always being willing to try something crazy! You and your “get to that communication” made the video! Hollywood should be our next stop!

  5. Donna Neblett said:

    Hey Tim,

    We did have a great week in Silver Spring! I miss you guys already. Now that I am on Twitter, we can keep up…..Help, I need more friends in Twitter!

  6. Emma Haygood said:

    So funny! Driving home from DEN NI to Michigan – 10 hour drive. This video had me giggling for 1/2 hour!

  7. Karla Halcomb said:

    Now I truly know what I missed at the LC Institute!!!! Lot’s of LOL! Awesome work!

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