A Week of Learning and Fun at the DEN National Institute!

MI DEN LC Team at National Institute

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I was fortunate to be able to go to the Discovery Educator Network National Institute last week.  It was fantastic to be able to network and learn with like-minded technology enthusiasts!  The photo above was taken in Georgetown.  (Lisa, Pam, Cheryl, and Gina – members of the Michigan Leadership Council who attended the National Institute).  Highlights of the week included:

  • Meeting new people and forming friendships from all over the nation that can be maintained on-line with social networking tools.
  • Going to the Discovery Studio to be videotaped in front of the green screen used by Discovery Channel stars.  We made a video to help teachers understand what the DEN is all about and to learn about the benefits of becoming a DEN STAR educator.
  • Learning how easy it is to use Adobe Premier’s chromakey feature.
  • Creating my own Mobulus Station that I can use to live broadcast professional developement when needed. 
  • Learning about the benefits of cell phone technology for the classroom from Hall Davidson.
  • Discovering the benefits of geocaching.  Now I want a hand-held GPS to try it myself!
  • Becoming aware of many cool web-based tools such as Poll Everywhere, Jott, and Riffly.
  • Signing up for a Plurk account, a Twitter-like social networking tool.  I lOVE IT! 
  • Creating a video modeled after the Boom-de-Ya-Da commercial.  This was the opening activity.  I worked with teachers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Texas.  So fun!
  • Spending time in a “green building.”  Water is saved by moving the toilet handle up for liquid waste, and down for solid waste.  Maybe Discovery can be highlighted during Earthcast 09
  • Creating/sharing lessons & projects that use DiscoveryStreaming. 
  • Strolling the National Mall with friends before catching our flight home.

My advice is to become a DEN STAR and apply to attend next year! 


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