BOOM de yadda We love the DEN Institute!

Our first day at the DEN NI in Silver Spring Maryland was SUPER GREAT!  When I walked up to the Discovery building a small smile crept on my face just thinking about the possibilities of the week. When I walked in there were tables all over and people twittering, networking, “plurking”  their were even a few people talking.  Right away Lance broke us into groups and got us going on a project.  The groups were based on our region and we were tasked to make our very own Boom De Yadda video (of course the VA group was the BEST if I do say so myself).  We immediately got to work brainstorming out script after we had the script we broke up into smaller groups. Some of the group went to take pictures while others went to sing some used BOOM STICKS on Matt and Lances heads (thanks to Paula White).  It truly was a group effort.  The final project was great and was received with thunderous applause.  After dinner from Macaroni Grill with GREAT conversation and sharing we watched all of the groups videos and they were fun and hilarious! Matt then gave a quick overview of the changes in Discovery Streaming.  There is a great student center coming so keep an eye out it is going to be so useful and seems user friendly.  The final events were break out sessions called “Dessert Sessions”  (that included key lime pie and brownies).  I went to one with  Dennis who shared a great photo editing site called Gimp a FREE application that does almost, if not all of the great things that Adobe Elements does. I recommend you check it out! WHAT A FULL DAY! CAN’T WAIT FOR DAY 2!

Dani Hall – DEN STAR – Arlington, VA


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  1. Katie Knapp, VA LC Chair said:

    What fun! I want to be there for week #2, too!!
    Boom-de-ah-dah is still re-playing in my head.
    Thanks for blogging for us, Dani.

  2. Paula White said:

    Actually, they were Boomwhackers. 🙂 And, we’ll do some more with them somehow!

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