Dive Into Shark Week with the DEN in SL

Take a bite out of Shark Week. Don’t miss an episode! We are very excited about Shark Week and have planned several activities at the DEN in SL.


What do Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, Mako Sharks and teachers have in common? They can all be seen at the DEN in Second Life “Swim with Sharks Underwater Scuba Adventure” on Monday July 28th at 5 pm SLT (5pm PST, 7 pm CST and 8pm EST)! Everyone who pre-registers will receive a complete Scuba Diving outfit with equipment for free. (If you miss the pre-registration you can still participate however you will not get the free equipment.)DEN in SL Shark Week with Dive World

Yes, you heard it here, the DEN in Second Life will be journeying to the depths of the ocean with “http://www.padi.com/padi/default.aspx” PADI (Prof. Association of Diving Instructors) as our guides. Our underwater adventure will begin with a fun scavenger hunt on the Dive World Sim (complete with prizes of course), continue with our journey to the ocean depths with our capable and knowledgeable guides from PADI and then end with celebratory dancing at the Tiki Bar. It’s going to a be a wonderfully fun learning experience and we want you to join us!DEN in SL Shark Week with Dive World

Even if you have never set foot in Second Life we can help you! Please sign up for a dive time “http://densl-sharkdive.wikispaces.com/“. (If you need additional help getting on the island please indicate that on the wiki and we will contact you for a time.)This is a great opportunity for you to get involved with the DEN in SL and see just what kinds of things are possible in Second Life. We hope to see you all there soon!

Event: Swim with the Sharks Underwater Scuba Adventure
When: Mon July 28
Time: 5 pm SLT (5pm, PST, 7 pm CST and 8pm EST)
RSVP: Pre-register by Sat July 26th http://densl-sharkdive.wikispaces.com/

Remember Shark Week begins on the Discovery Channel at 9PM EST on July 27.

DEN in SL Shark Week with Dive World

DEN in SL Shark Week with Dive World


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  1. phawkenson said:

    Time slots for preregistering are already full! Are you opening another time? I would love to join a dive.

  2. Lori Abrahams said:

    We have set up a waiting list and are trying to get more dive times. Please go to the wiki and sign up on the wait list.

  3. Anne Truger said:

    I opened up a 6:15 SLT dive time. This will be the last dive of the evening. If more people are truly interested please let me know and I will see if i can schedule one more night for just the “Dive”.


    P.S. Phawkenson I added your name to the dive list but I need you to go and edit your info. Thanks

  4. Phyllis Crabbe said:

    This was so much fun! I learned a lot, not just about sharks and other undersea creatures, but also about second life and the PADI site. Thanks so much to all who facilitated this – you were very patient with those of us who were obviously novices at navigating, and scuba diving!

  5. taylor said:

    I am obsessed with sharks, i would love to dive and be apart of shark week sometime! is there any way that i could do this?

  6. Dotty Myers said:

    I am one of those novices. Took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, I enjoyed it. I would probably do it again. Lots of interesting thins seen on the dive.

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