Focus Group for teachers in multi-lingual schools/ ELL teachers

Dear DEN members:

I am doing some market research on a new offering that will provide video content in over 30 languages, aligned to curriculum standards for grades K-12

As our vault of wisdom, experience, and honest answers, I am looking for some DEN members who may be able to donate about 30 minutes of time to chat with me about these videos and how they might provide the most value in the classroom.

If you are a DEN member who either teaches a foreign language or works in a classroom with ELL students, and are interested in providing some valuable insight, please email me at with a few times that may work for you.


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  1. susan toerge said:

    I would be glad to help out.
    Susan TOerge
    ESOL Chair
    langley Park McCormick ES
    301-469-4876 (home)

  2. Mary Carole Strother said:

    Our campus has a 85% bilingual population. I think I would be able to help you with ELL information.

  3. Kristina Shepard said:

    Hi Steve,

    I heard/saw you at Verona today! Great presentation! Whatever came of this focus group? I’d be glad to help out if you’re still working on it. I teach ESOL/Bilingual Social Studies at Verona Area HS.

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