Handouts from DEN National Institute 2008

As promised here’s the ppt with the steps for the multimedia projects using Power Point. We’ll update this with the new tricks and short cuts we’ve found this week too! Feel free to download and use these!

Closed Captioning for Mac




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  1. Stacy Kasse said:

    Kim….found this for those people who have Powerpoint 2007. Thought someone else may like it.

    Here is how to embed the windows media object with PowerPoint 2007.

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
    1. In Normal view in PowerPoint, display the slide on which you want
    to play the animation.
    2. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click PowerPoint
    3. Click Popular, click to select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon
    check box under Top options for working with PowerPoint, and then
    click OK.
    4. On the Developer tab, click More Controls in the Controls group.
    5. In the list of controls, click Windows Media Player, click OK, and
    then drag on the slide to draw the control.
    6. Resize the control by dragging the sizing handles.
    7. Right-click the Windows Media Player object, and then click
    8. On the Alphabetic tab, click the URL property.
    9. In the value column, type the full drive path. Make sure that you
    include the file name or the URL that links to the movie file that you
    want to play.

  2. Bobbi Gurney said:

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into these handouts. You work so hard on our behalf, as was confirmed watching you run non-stop at the DEN NI. While we are all finishing projects, wrapping up, and playing…you hung in there until almost
    11 o’clock making sure we all had our green screen coverage from the studio that day.

    So often the things that make the DEN behind the scenes go unoticed. Thank you to the DEN Managers, presenters, behind the scenes coordinators, Steve Dembo,& especially Lance Rougeux for making the DEN NI a terrific experience.
    When asked what the “DEN” was by an administrator at my last conference, I think my response best reflects how I felt after leaving Silver Spring:
    “The Discovery Education Network (DEN), is a place where educators gather in a professional manner to learn about web based resources in a continually evolving “safe haven”. As an active member of the DEN community, I have access to unlimited professional development , collaborative opportunities, and even a place in a second life!

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