Day 2 of the DEN National Institute

After Day 2 of the DEN National Institute, I can only second the excitement and AWE you read in Dani’s blog!

4.jpgToday THE Hall Davidson started us out with a presentation on using cell phones in education and he shared so many websites and information, I was pumped from that first hour!  Then the rest of the day began. . . moved from a session on Discovery Assessment–which can do some amazing data aggregation–to Second Life–which I TOTALLY  was inept at until Faythe helped me–a DEN helper from California!  Then I popped into Joe Brennan’s digital storytelling session, where he showed some neat tips and tricks with iMovie!

THEN I ended up the PD part of the day again with Hall Davidson, who is ansecondlife-postcard.jpg amazing thinker–and fabulous presenter–who keeps in mind not only 21st century kids, but how to make things work for teachers as well.  He shared tons of tricks for rewriting html code in ways any layperson could “get” and the ideas he shared for using Google Earth in the classroom got my brain going overtime! One of my favorite was Jerome Burg’s Google Lit Trips, where the book is extended through visiting sites that expand kids’ comprehension and understanding of the references in the literature. My word, Hall is a visionary!!!

I spent some time this afternoon sharing some of what I have learned on my county’s local CTIP (Curriculum and Technology Integration Partner) wiki.  Check out and look at web tools and food for thought!

1.jpgTonight we had a DEN carnival– fun and games, carnival fare (complete with cotton candy!) and lots of opportunities to win tickets.  With the tickets you “bid” on door prizes.  VA STAR Eileen Mallick was the Virginia BIG winner–I think her name was drawn at least four times. . she walked out with a PILE of goodies!   We all also got a bag of goodies from STARS all over the US, and a special treat from Discovery Ed!

What an amazing day! DEN knows how to feed us, teach us, give 2.jpgus opportunities to learn from one another AND share what we know. . . this is a GREAT  professional development opportunity.  And, the networking, making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones is unparalleled!  Thanks to all!

Paula White – VA STAR – Albemarle County, VA
Photos – Dani Hall


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  1. Katie Knapp, VA LC Chair said:

    Paula, Thanks for the great update on DEN NI. I soooo wish I was still there…one week is just not enough. Thanks for sharing your experience on the VA blog. Have fun!

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