It's a Wrap: Making Your Second Life Easier Part I

qavi_004bmp.jpgThe new DEN HQ tower was home to tonight’s workshop featuring QAvimator, the free app that allows you to create animations for your avatar. Around 30 avatars sat around the circle as Celestia Cazalet (cough, cough – ME) walked them through the very basics of using the program. Celestia warned everyone that working with this program may mean hours and hours of attention if the animation is detailed. Participants learned how to move the parts of their avatar’s body and form an animation. They also qavi_003bmp.jpglearned how to upload it, play it, and place it in a pose ball qavi_007bmp.jpgor other prim.

I personally enjoyed when I showed everyone the animation the presentation outlined – Lor Fredriksson came up with the perfect name for it – “the diva”. Although I’m going to have to work on it a little more, I have to agree – it does look perfect for the diva look!

After the workshop, many of the participants vowed to work on new animations and show them off at the DEN. Emmo Wei already made a “yes” animation that nods an avatars head when used – great job! Emmo then changed into a tiny avatar and became Lor’s new little friend.

As promised, you may download the presentation (sleasier.pdf). It is just pictures, but still it gives you an idea). I’m also listing a few good tutorials for you to visit in case you missed the workshop. One very important thing I mentioned in the workshop that you must remember, save your file as a .bvh file or else it will not upload for you!

Mermaid Diaries – Creating Poses Part 1 – this is the first tutorial I used when learning

Torley Linden always has great video tutorials and is much better at explaining QAvimator than I – check this out:


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