Google Earth – For the Ears


I had a great time at the Discovery Educator Network National InstitutesMike Bryant did Google Earth for the Leadership Councils and I did it for the National Institute.  The great “face of the globe” is from Mike’s presentation here.  I’m hoping it’s his image, because I’m using it.  I twitted I was doing this blog to add some missing audio components to the classroom use of media and Google Earth.  Mike sent me the the link of his presentation to my cellphone.  Really, how many ways do we connect with other!  Thanks, Mike.  The globe face really doesn’t hold a candle to the Bearded Lady outfit you wore last week, which remains a classic.  The unanswered question in that costume:  How did you know to refer to the shoes as “flats.” Only girls know that jargon…Anyway, I ran short of time doing the media integration of Google Earth.  We cover image, DES media, flash, and live cellphone feeds into placemark boxes (see below).  But there wasn’t time to include audio.  There is great audio on the web and in the DES library and I always try to stick in examples.  Here they are.  The first is an example folder that takes a class from school around the world via animal sounds.  It takes the form of a quiz.  Open “A”, click on the link, and you will hear an animal sound.  Try to hide the browser because kids might guess from the URL.  After a class guesses what the animal is and where it might live, click on “B” for a photo of the animal (from DiscoveryEducationstreaming’s image library, naturally) by it’s geographic home.  Then click on the next URL (in the “B” box).  When guesses have been made, go to “C” and see if the guesses are correct!  Repeat procedure until done!   Bonus feature if you finish (“E”).  Hint:  Nutshell Math.    If you haven’t logged into DES, do it first.  Otherwise the links to the images and sounds will wait for your login.  If you don’t have a DES account, this exercise may be a little lost on you.  The folder and other files below will download as an kmz file.  Click them and Google Earth should open.  Lastly, two bonus files:  One with a link to, um, a mystery man’s cellphone camera.  And one to an NPR story on Canada geese in New Jersey.  Big point:  If you missed the National Institutes, for pete’s sake attend the Regionals!

EarWorkBrainWork quiz sample with DES images and media
Bird Problems!  (NPR)
Direct Video feed from Mystery Man’s Cellphone


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    The answers to the quiz are: A: Treefrog (Costa Rica) B: Alligator (Florida, US) C: Fly (picture of Robber Fly, Montana, US). The school at the beginning is Franklin Elementary in Los Angeles (where I was chair of the School Site Council :). I didn’t put the answers in the placemarks because clever kids would see them on the left hand “Places” column. Don’t forget to log into your Discovery Education Streaming site first! The videos, images, and sounds, will show up automatically then. Click on the triangle to start the videos. Enjoy

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