steveongreen.JPEGIn what has become an annual summer event for me, I spent the last few days right outside of our nation’s capital at Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. As usual, it was a great opportunity to reconnect with my colleagues from both coasts, my neighbor Steve Dembo (who I almost only see when we’re on the road), and DEN STARS, old and new, from around the country.
groupongreen.JPEGWe offered a 2 hour version of the full day “Lights, Camera, Education!” workshop and our STARS rose to the occasion. After a little more than an hour of “this is what you would have done if we had the time,” they had less than an hour to plan, shoot, and edit their door scene. With so little time, creativity just burst forth. Inspired by Steve’s “Social Networking/Web 2.0” morning keynote, one lady got through her door by Plurking a friend to come open it from the inside. And another, perhaps camera shy team, filmed a lonely water bottle trying to get back into the refrigerator with the love of his (her?) life. Happy ending! See the YouTube embed at the end.
Yesterday, before I jumped on the Metro and headed to Reagan airport, I was able to join a group that went over to the Discovery production studios just a few blocks away. As usual, the red carpet was out. I took a little detour to peek into the editing suites and was invited into one where the man at the controls was working on a promo for Renovation Nation.
dianeongreen.JPEGRejoining our group at the main stop – the green screen studio, we had a crash course on chromakey and lighting before taking turns in front of the camera where Ted Koppel, among many others, works. It is amazing how much thought and equipment goes into getting it just right (perfect actually) and how closely we can mimic almost all of that with our students. It was also inspiring to see the educators in my group take to the green screen stage, step in front of the camera, and make on the spot clips thanking school boards and administration for their support. They also welcomed students back for the year and one even wished her son and his growing family well as he prepares to deploy for Iraq.
Wish I could have stayed through today to see everybody’s final projects. Boom-de-ah-da!
Now, the water bottle and the door…


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  1. Nicole Gray said:

    Hey Joe! I just realized that you posted our door video from the DEN Institute…VERY COOL – your session was AWESOME!! We learned so much in regards to video editing, etc. in a few short hours. Thanks for sharing…

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