Sharks to SMARTboards – A Week of DEN in SL Events

Are you ready?   It’s Shark Week!!  Check your local TV Guide for times on the Discovery Channel  this whole week to watch shark videos or check out the Discovery Channel on YouTube. Or who knows maybe we’ll watch videos at the DEN in SL HQ.  Come join us for a week of fun from Sharks to Smartboards. Come swim with Denny the shark in our pool, or just chat with our DEN guides and other DENizens.  There will be prizes throughout the week, Shark T-shirts for SL and RL, Shark DVD’s and lots of surprises.


Monday, July 28th, if you pre – registered,  we will begin the week with  “Swim with the Sharks Underwater Scuba Adventure”.  Meet us at the DEN HQ at 4:45 SLT for the landmark to the Dive World Sim where we will enjoy a scavenger hunt ( with prizes ), receive dive gear and go on a  tour into the ocean depths with our capable and knowledgeable guides from PADI (Prof. Association of Diving Instructors) and then dance at the Tiki Bar.  The first dive is at 5 PM SLT (5pm PST, 7 pm CST and 8pm EST).  Groups will rotate between the scavenger hunt and the ocean dive. And there are other activities as well!



Wed, July 3oth join us for our our Wednesday Workshop “Streaming with SMARTboards: Opening a Window to the Digital World”

PRESENTER: Lyndsay Rhiano

DESCRIPTION:  Do you currently have a SMARTboard in your classroom or
district?  Did you know that Discovery Streaming can be seamlessly integrated with your SMARTboard?  During this workshop you will learn about ways to integrate Discovery Streaming, various funding strategies, be provided with resources for implementation, and information on programs that SMART Technologies provides SMART educators.
SLT TIME: 5:00 P.M. SLT ( 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EST)

And then we end the week on August 3rd, with Shark Trivia! How much did you learn this week about sharks? We will test your knowledge, and of course there will be prizes!  Join us at the DEN in SL at 5 PM SLT  (5pm PST, 7 pm CST and 8pm EST).

The August calendar will be available soon. But, start shopping for that formal wear, Aug 20th is the DEN in SL 1st anniversary gala! Save the Date! It’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss.


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