It's a Wrap! DEN Shark Week Dive!

sub.jpgdivegroup.jpgThe first ever Discovery Educator Network Shark Week Dive was a huge success! We had up to 60 avatars take diving tours through PADI Dive World. The folks at PADI had done a terrific job stocking their ocean with a variety of shark species and had lots of information to give us about each one. After the dive, participants had a chance to do a scavenger hunt, dance, ride hovercrafts (and race them!), and I even padi.jpghad the opportunity to explore the deep ocean in a submersible.

Three lucky scavenger hunt winners received special gifts, including an anniversary set of Shark Week DVDs! Overall, the event was a great experience, one that was far superior to many in Second Life. Kaikou’s attention to detail when building the Dive World experience was incredible!

If you ever get a chance, visit the PADI Dive World folks (they show up in search), and tell them the DEN sent you!


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