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The Great Minds Foundation has named it’s cash prize winners and then some. Inspired by submissions that weren’t quite what was called for, they created a whole new category “Most Powerful Video – Any Inspirational Topic” to go with this year’s healthy living challenge. Looks like that open category will remain as part of future challenges too. Next year’s topic has just been announced. That contest will be to create an anti-smoking PSA and also include the open “Most Powerful Video – Any Inspirational Topic” category.
And the winners are…

In 1st prize winner “A Message of Well Being” a junk food eating, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking young man doesn’t seem to realize what a clown he appears to be to a very attractive young lady.

talentshow.jpg Talent Show In second place, we have a young martial artist on stage in what seems to be a large theater. He is trying to break a board with no success. As the crowd grows unruly and starts to throw stuff he gives new meaning to “making lemonade when all you have is lemons.” Clever camera work and editing convinces you there was a cast of thousands when all you ever see is the little martial artist.slacker.jpg“Genius by Birth, Slacker by Choice” on the t-shirt of one of the two characters in Healthy Choices probably sums up the eating habits of the loser in this healthy eating plea. Great parallel storytelling here to contrast the day/life of their characters.In fourth place is The Kenya Water Project that shows what a global difference we can make one village at a time. This is a good example of a real documentary that students can make.

I mentioned this one before. Dr. Weird’s Guide to Healthy Living takes another eating/exercise slacker to task. What I really like about this one is that the students here take very dry statistics about teen eating and exercising habits and turn them into a fun and frenetic rehabilitation program.

Next up – the winners from the inspirational video project that just kind of invented itself.


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