Another Fantastic Week in Silver Spring, MD!

Emma Haygood was among the lucky folks from Michigan who had the opportunity to attend the second week of the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) National Institute. She was there the week after I was there and sent me some comments to post on this blog. Below are her comments. Thanks, Emma!

I am on my way home from the Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD after a wonderful week full of networking with my fellow STAR Educators, learning about the coolest technology like geocaching, video production with green screen, and web 2.0 tools, and entertaining evenings at the carnival and touring Washington, D.C.

I won Discovery t-shirts, a sweatshirt, Planet Earth DVD, and a mini green screen (actually it’s a picnic blanket but I will use it as a green screen !!!) The prizes were wonderful, but most importantly were all the great connections and resources I walked away with, just waiting for my students to arrive in September.

Thank you Discovery for the best professional development I’ve ever experienced!


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