It's a Wrap! Streaming with SMARTboards!



Tonight over 30 people were dazzled by presenter Lyndsay Rhiano (SL), Lynn Reedy (RL), an Exemplar SMARTboard trainer,  as she shared ways to integrate DE streaming with the SMARTboard to engage student learning.  After a just in time tutorial on how to set preferences to view video in SL,  we watched a video tutorial on how to download a DE streaming clip, view it with the SMART video player ( PC only), then write notes on the video and capture those pages. Then, using  Veodia and a desktop sharing software she showed live the notebook software’s cool new magic pen, that spotlights and magnifies by drawing a circle or square on the graphic or text on the SMARTboard


Also shared was how to incorporate Senteo student response systems with the DE streaming quizzes, where to find resources to use with SMARTboards, connect with other SMARTboard users and suggestions for how to get funding. The whole presentation was just awesome! Enjoy these photos by Riptide Furse.



Next up we continue with Shark Week activities. The raffle ball is still out to win shark t-shirts, shark tooth necklaces and other surprises.  Continue watching those Shark videos on Discovery Channel so you are prepared for Shark Trivia on Sunday, Aug 3rd at 5 PM SLT ( 7 PM CDT, 8 PM EST).


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    Just adding a bit more from Lor:

    Below are the resources provided by Lyndsay from the July 20th

    Slideshare presentation:

    Video Tutorial:

    Lynn Reedy’s Website

    EASTCONN SMARTboard User Group Wiki

    Education at SMART Technologies

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