"That's What Family Does"

It was the last day of a week-long amazing experience with Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council members from across the country. Working with 60 DEN STARS who had added state leadership into already hectic schedules hallmarks the personality of the group. Often I felt overwhelmed; there was so much to learn and I often felt my learning curve was less intuitive and a bit slower. But I got there, with a lot of help from my friends (God bless Jennifer Dorman, my state-regional-trip-roommate, whose patience I must have tested). Which brings me to the title of this blog, suggested by a comment from Howard Martin (he so reminded me of Gary Cooper’s “aw, shucks” approach, but Howard is much too young to connect to the comparison). He had helped me with a tech issue that was eluding me for a long while, and his suggestion (simple to him but out of my league) erased a problem. So, on Friday morning, when I was thanking him again, he said, “That’s what family does.” I think those 4 words summed up the entire DEN LC experience for me, and I suspect so many others as well. What do you think?


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  1. Mary Frazier said:

    Awesome videos RJ. I have to admit Howard is right. Our DEN LC was very much like family. I love the way we could all share with each other and not feel intimidated! Wish we could get together twice a year. This was much better for me than NECC.

  2. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I agree with you, Mary. I wish we could get together twice a year. Maybe we can move in that directions. Missed NECC, but I think DEN Institutes and initiatives are really hard to beat.

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