Trolling the State Blogs: Boom-de-ya-da and LC and National Institutes

Here’s the video that NJ, NY, ME, and PA LCs put together on the first day of the DEN LC National Institute.

A special thanks to Heather Sullivan for posting the video on the New Jersey blog. Having some “free” time on my hands, I decided to troll the state blogs and aggregate some resources and comments shared by other states who attended either the LC or STAR institutes. Arkansas Mary Frazier and Tanya Gray brainstormed 25 more ways to use Discoverystreaming. Posted by Brett Harvey, CA–home of DENs youngest STAR, Jannita and Laurian’s son, David–is taking a time out from the busy day’s agenda.

Florida’s post by Cheryl Woolwine shows how the South East Region created with Tennessee their own version of the Discovery Channel commercial, Boom-De-Ya-Da, Here’s “Find Your Match at D-Harmony”:

Posted on the Iowa blog by Jason Cochrane, the Midwest LCs made this video along with Mike Bryant, their DEN Midwest Manager. Get ready for their deconstruction of DC commercial:Louisiana LC is Green With Envy. You’ll remember this team from their D-Harmony commercial. Michigan’s LC were busy posters during the Institute. Here’s their BDY commercial:

Working with teachers from Illinois, here’s their DEN-De-Ya-Da video from the second week DEN Institute:

And their slide show from the second week STAR Institute:

From the NY blog, here’s Steve Dembo’s Learning to Speak Native presentation, Ustreamed from the DEN National Institute:From my new LC Institute friend, Conni Mulligan shares an update on their LC membership. I really applaud all the states’ efforts in maintaining a vibrant LC, but since I had the good fortune to get to know Conni, I know how hard she has worked with her Council to get the NC blog launched as well, so a special shout out to you and your state. Great progress.

NC had 3 DEN STARS at the National Institute: Judy, Nicole, and Deb.

Guest blogger Debbie Wrobel represented the Northwest at the National Institute. Check out her post here.

If you still haven’t jumped into (teleported, flown, or swum with the sharks) yet, then you are definitely missing out on your Second Life experience. On July 16, the DEN SL inducted newbies (I was one of them) into their SL, and I can tell you it is an experience of any/either lifetimes. Just do it.

I love reading Elaine Plybon on the Texas blog. Her Reflections on Day 2 of the LC Institute and her sense of overload strike a resonant chord with me at any DEN function. We always learn and teach at rapid speed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And just in case you thought VA wasn’t at the LC Institute, Ruth Okoye has the photos to prove it. Check out their Institute blogs here.

I’ll end on 3 “I hope’s”:
1. that I didn’t forget anyone
2. that I didn’t make too many typos
3. that all the embedded code works…because this is the first time I worked in code mode all the way, and I’m not even going to entertain an edit on this post. Thanks to all the super DEN STAR power out there, for what you do every day to make learning and teaching THE 21st century experience. A super thank you to our Discovery leaders for making our growth possible.


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