DEN Members Share Tips

The South Carolina Leadership Council treated DEN members to dinner in Columbia last night. Dinner with the DEN is a treat, but being able to share technology tips with fellow educators takes the cake!

Cathy Nelson, Library Media Specialist and DEN member, shared two great sites:

Fun image generator for those who have access to a Webcam.

A flickrstream called “Interesting Snippets”
The photos consist of metaphorical creative commons pictures that have added motivational or thought provoking phrases, quotes, and understandings that have many uses. The idea I shared was to get to the photostream, use the slide show feature, and just let them rotate through (roughly 250 pictures) for educators as they wait for staff developments to begin. I suppose they would be good for parents at parent meetings in the same way. I noticed as I searched for them again tonight, others have picked up on this, like Dean Shareski and Alan Levine. They are tagging the photos “interestingsnippets.” The originator of the idea simply created a set named that. It’s a good idea, and one that can grow now that a seed of an idea has been planted and a tag has been formed and implemented.

Donna Teuber shared this tip:

Olympus has several cameras in the SW series that are shockproof and waterproof. These cameras are very durable in a school setting where students may be dropping cameras or taking the cameras out in the rain. The cameras are shockproof when dropped from 5 feet and some models are waterproof up to 33 feet. The cameras are also crushproof up to a weight of 220 pounds.

Thanks for the tips, ladies! Got a tip for the DEN? Let us a know all about it and we’ll post it here on the blog. You can post a comment here or email it to the Leadership Council at

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