Screen Ed Exodus

Even occasional readers of this blog know that I hold the resources that Frank Guttler and Mitch Aiken have assembled for the American Film Institute’s K-12 Screen Ed program in very high regard. So, you too will probably share my sorrow on learning that the grant funded outreach has lost its funding and Frank and Mitch have been let go. Bob Jennings, Xander in the “Xander Anders Show” ScreenNation Learn videos, has been reassigned within AFI. It looks like the digitized assets will remain available and student film makers will still be able to upload to ScreenNation, but any further challenges and innovations are in doubt-> good news on this, see Bob Jennings’ comment below. The “Lights, Camera, Education!” videos and teachers’ guide/manual are also still available on Discovery Education streaming.

I hope you’ll join me in thanking Frank, Mitch, and Bob for all they’ve done to bring Hollywood magic into digital storytelling for any classroom and subject area by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Howard Martin said:

    NO! I led another group to Screen Ed just last month. A number of the high school teachers were very much looking forward to utilizing the training and resources in their classrooms.

    I very much appreciated the training I got from Frank and Mitch and will continue to share the video/resources on DiscoveryEdStreaming. I hope Frank and Mitch find a educator-friendly home. Good luck to them!

  2. Robin Martin said:

    I to am disappointed for Frank and Mitch. I got a chance to meet Frank on the shuttle to the airport at NECC and we had some good discussion about using the materials in my graduate class for Wilkes U! Love the door scene and the materials they created. Let’s hope they can find another place that will encourage the use of good film making in education! Sorry guys…

  3. Denise Thomas said:

    Frank and Mitch,
    Thank you for everything.

  4. Bob Jennings said:

    Hold the phone Joe! AFI ScreenNation is NOT ending. AFI ScreenNation is being rolled into a larger strategy for If anything, we’re going to get bigger. I can tell you that we absolutely will have future challenges and there will be cool FLIPCAMS as the prizes! “Lights, Camera, Education!” and the Screen Ed process is available on the site and I’m currently working on another round of Xander’s tip videos!

  5. Dave Watnee said:

    Some of the best training I have every had was from an AFI training session led by Frank.

    I have used the material from the “Lights, Camera, Education!” and the Screen Ed process in several training sessions I have conducted. Always the same result educators — teachers walking away saying how fun they had and how much practical knowledge they gained from the training.

    Thanks for your contributions Frank and Mitch.

  6. Jim Sill said:

    Just got back to the US and found this in my Reader. I shocked and disappointing to hear the news. Frank has been a real influence in what I do in my video classroom.

    The work that he has done for AFI will continue to be of great inspiration to those of us in the trenches. Best regards, Frank!

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