Riffly Webcam Video (and Audio-Only) Comments

Nothing beats microblogs for PLNs, and since Twitter is ubiquitous, it is my favorite go-to for (fast) personal growth. So, early this morning I caught a Tweet about a posting on Jeff Utecht’s U Tech Tips written by Shaun McElroy. People Don’t Change engaged me at several levels because I am a teacher, and because I agreed with Shaun and his first commenter, Michelle Baldwin. Poised to post, I found several new options. I could use Riffly to create a webcam video or audio only comment. I chose the latter, allowed the plugin, and made my first audio blog comment.

The downside of Riffly is its compatability as a widget; it works on WordPress blogs only. The good news: the Discovery Educator Network national and state blogs use WordPress, so if Dorman doesn’t get to it first, I’ll add the Riffly widget to our PA state blog so we can make video and audio-only comments to our best PLN, the DEN.


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