Right Back At You Texas!

We finally got to complete our message after a whirlwind of activity here at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Institute in Long Branch, NJ.

We are, and you’ll see below, standing on some very famous steps at Monmouth University. Famous you ask? Famous we say. Because this is where the movie Annie was filmed. And while we have had limited internet access here, a few thunderstorms, and some might say, a bit of a hard-knock-life, we have really enjoyed our time together so far.

This morning we’re diving into a full day of projects but before we do here is our message to the Central Regional Institute’s message from yesterday:


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  1. Justin Karkow said:

    I have to admit…this was pretty good! I really was enjoying it until you guys told me to “forget about it.” Now I can’t remember what you did…and have to watch it again. Well played!

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