Breaking News: Animoto for Education!

Awesome news! Animoto now has a section just for educators! Visit Animoto for Education to check it out! When I visited the site, I discovered that our own Lance Rougeux, Director of the Discovery Educator Network endorses Animoto as a great web 2.0 tool beneficial to students and teachers alike. He is right! Be sure to visit the site and register for your own educator account.

Just in case you’re new to Animoto, it is a site that turns your uploaded pictures into a video with accompanying music. I included an example I made after I attended my first mono-ski clinic through the the Professional Ski Instructors of America. There are examples of more educationally appropriate Animotos on the front page of the Animoto for Educators site, but I was not able to access the embed codes.

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  1. Barbara Kerr said:

    Christine you did an excellent presentation yesterday. Many teachers are not aware of the Web 2.0 tools. Also many do not see the benefits of using them, especiallly tech directors. I wonder how many Long Island teachers are able to access Voicethread and Animoto in their school districts?

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