White Board Challenge!

Thanks to Ben Hazzard of the SMARTBoard Podcast at pdtogo.com for sharing this WhiteBoard Challenge Wiki with me via a conversation in Plurk. Are you new to using an interactive whiteboard (IWB)? Have you used one for ages but want some other ideas? Are you using an IWB regularly but know you could use it better? Then you are invited to join the WhiteBoard Challenge


As stated on the WhiteBoard Challenge wiki: This Interactive Whiteboard Challenge will run for 7 weeks initially, starting on Monday, August 11th. Each week there will be a new task set by someone who is an experienced whiteboard user. They will present their challenge in whatever way they like – it might be a short video, a screen cast a podcast. You then need to go and use whatever they have presented in your classroom that week. Record your efforts and write a blog post about how it went.  You can also come back here to the NYDEN and post your progress.  Good luck on your IWB mission!


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