DEN in SL for President!!!

O.K.  So maybe not quite for president, but I did catch your attention didn’t I?  The DEN in SL blog is in competition to be the featured blog for the month of September at ISTE’s Blogger’s Hut.  You’ve got the month of August to get over there and vote (you may only vote once….although I guess if you have an alt they could vote as well! LOL).  Below is the information found on the notecard in the Blogger’s Hut:

The slurl is

And Scott Merrick’s blog is

“Click a blog’s voting bar to vote for the upcoming month’s featured blog. The winning blog will appear in the RSS feed here at the Blogger’s Hut for the entire month. When you visit the hut you can check out the nominated blogs in a browser window whilst you enjoy a chat with your friends here in Second Life! Check ’em out (copy this text, paste it into chat, and view your history–the links will be live!) and vote (click your chosen blog’s voting bar) : You might just find a new blog you need to add to your own RSS feed aggregator! I use Netvibes but Google Reader is also wonderful–and there are others!

For a video tutorial on this voting thingy, visit, or just click on your media player and have a seat to watch right here. Make sure your video is enabled in your preferences!

This month we’re voting on:

“Rambling Reflections”  — Lynne Crowe

“DEN in SL” — collaborative

“Muve Forward”–Topher Zwiers

“Phasing Grace”–Grace McDunnough “


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  1. Scott Merrick said:

    Hey Nancy, thanks for the plug! I just love offering the Blogger’s Hut to the education world(s) and I wish DEN in Second Life all the luck in the vote for the September Blog-o-the-month!


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