heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 08/07/2008

  • tags: edtech

    • Ways to use iPaper@Scribd

      As a document sharing tool. Include ipaper@scribd.com as a CC and we’ll send everyone an iPaper version of the document attachments. It’s safe, easy, and you never have to worry whether your recipients can view the documents.

      As a document conversion tool. Forward emails with attachments to ipaper@scribd.com and we’ll send back the iPaper versions of all the document attachments. Quickly view documents without having to download them.

      As a document management and publishing tool. After using iPaper@Scribd, you can sign up for a Scribd account and link it to your email address. All the documents you send to iPaper@Scribd will be accessible and searchable from your Scribd account.

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