View your Flickr Pics with PicsViewr

There’s a million Flickr hacks, and about half of those are different ways to view slideshows.  But every once in a while you see one that just makes you grin in a silly way.  For me, that’s Picsviewr.  It may not be the most powerful, it may not have the most features, but gosh darn is it ever pretty.  They really did a slick job of putting together some beautful ways to share your images.  While many people could argue over whether Flickr should be used with students in the classroom, I think we can all agree that it’s a heck of a good way to share images that you take at school.  Combine it with tools like Picsviewr and you’ve got an incredibly flashy way to share the learning.  I’m hoping that they add a way to directly link to specific image sets or tags soon, as well as a way to embed a live version of it into your own blog or site.  Not bad for a newcomer tho!

Check out this example displaying photos uploaded to the DEN account.

Got a favorite way to display Flickr photos?  Share it below!


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  1. Bobbi Gurney said:

    Steve~ This is great! I have so many pictures from my trips this summer. I was looking for a better way to display them. Thanks! You are the “King of Resources”!

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