Who Wouldn't Want to Give a Wonderful Webinar a Whirl?

from the National Blog:

A plethora and then some!  As we head into the 08-09 school year, I look over the webinar schedule and I am just stunned by what we have to offer.  As of right now, we have over 100 webinars on the calendar that you and your colleagues can participate in!  It truly is an astonishing amount of professional development available to you, and that’s just what’s on the calendar as of today!

So what can you register for?

EdTechConnect webinars: This monthly series brings you up close and personal with some of the biggest names in education.  The year begins with Tim Magner of the US Department of Education, and we take off from there.  We’ll be featuring Bernie Dodge, Alan Kay, Jason Ohler, Tim Tyson, Bernajean Porter, Tony Vincent and finishing the 08-09 program off with Ian Jukes!

DEN Webinars: Last year, the DEN team offered webinars twice a month on subjects on integrating media in the curriculum, podcasting, Web 2.0, digital storytelling and more.  Those sessions were in such high demand that we’ve decided to double our offerings this year!  That’s right, every week you’ll be able to attend a webinar hosted by a member of the DEN team.  We kick off the year with a Back to School Boot Camp series, followed up by a month of Integration Ideas.  Then all bets are off as the DEN team brings you an enormous variety of ideas for using digital media in your classroom.

DE Product Demonstrations: You may know all about DE streaming, but how familiar are you with DE Science?  Or Elementary Science?  What about Discovery Education Assessment?  Or even MediaShare?  Every Friday at 1pm EST, we’re hosting product demonstrations so you can learn more about the incredible services Discovery Education has to offer.  Each session is offered by the people who know the products best… the people who created them!  You’ll get a personal demonstration of the site and have plenty of time to get your specific questions answered.  Bring your administrators along so they can see firsthand the different ways that Discovery Education can help transform learning in your district.

Special Events: Scattered throughout the year are some incredible events you’ll definitely want to participate in.  This year we’ll be hosting the 3rd annual Streamathon as well as two DEN Virtual Conferences.  Additionally, we’re hard at work lining up new Discovery Connect webinars, connecting you and your students to the television programs on the Discovery networks.  More details on those will be coming soon!

The best part is, they’re all on the calendar RIGHT NOW for you to register for.  Go ahead and sign up now, we’ll send out reminders prior to the event so you don’t forget.  Not only that, let your colleagues know about them so they can take advantage of these great opportunities as well!

Visit our webinar calendar to register for any and all of these events.  While there’s too many to list, here’s a list of some of our upcoming events, just to whet your appetite.

Tonight! – 50 Ways to Spin a Digital Story

August 11th, 1pm EST – Response to Intervention (RTI)

August 12th, 7pm EST – Building a Bigger Builder, Your guide to the DE streaming tools

August 22nd, 1pm EST – Discovery Education Professional Development Opportunities Overview

August  August 29th, 1pm EST – Discovery Education PowerMediaPlus

September 5th, 1pm EST – Discovery Education Assessment – Predictive Benchmark

September 9th, 7pm EST – 50 Ways and Beyond

September 12th, 1pm EST – Discovery Education streaming, Plus, Media and Language Packs

September 16th, 7pm EST – DEN State of the Union Address with Lance Rougeux

September 17th, 7pm EST – EdTechConnect featuring Tim Magner, director of the office of educational technology for the US Department of Education.

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