Gentle Reminder – August 13th

OMG!  Halfway through August already!!!  WHERE has this summer gone?  And will I make it through the rest of my ‘SL Summer To Do’ list before I go back to school?  For some of you, this Wednesday’s workshop will enable you to check off another SL task.  For those of you who are somewhat familiar with SL, but wanted to take your avatar to the next level have we got a Wednesday Workshop for you!  Newbie 102 – Avatar Makeover with Faythe Fouroux (now here’s someone that I would LOVE to have as my personal shopper!).  Here’s a sampling of what Faythe will be covering: Mastered walking?  Doing alright with flying?  Know what TPs and LMs are?  Then you are ready for an Avatar Makeover!  Lose that newbie look and personalize your avatar to fit who you are.  Join Faythe as she explains how you can make over your avatar!  And just in time for our Gala next week!

SLT TIME: 5:00 p.m. SLT ( 7 p.m. CDT, 8 p.m. EST)

NOTE:  We will meet in the Tower room up the elevator or use this landmark to take you directly to the workshop.


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  1. Faythe Fouroux said:

    Hey Nancy! Thanks for such a glowing post! I am blushing over here! Anytime you want to go shopping just let me know! Loved getting to meet you in DC btw as well as Rip, Cel, and Lor! You guys are awesome! =)

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