It was almost exactly one month ago Hall Davison from The Discovery Educator Network gave a presentation at the DEN LC Institute about the use of cell phones in the classroom. I learned a ton of really cool things you can do with a cell phone in the classroom. He then went on to say that it won’t be long before students will be able to be tracked with their cell phones while in school.This would allow us teachers to find little Timmy when he is supposed to be seated in 2nd period. Of course a student could just give his cell phone to a friend in the class to cover for him so it would look like he was there. However, he would be without his little mobile device that contains his life and that probably would not happen due to the fact that Timmy could not text anybody. He would have to have his cell phone with him to live his normal Y-generation life.This technology has appeared to already be in existence and easily accessible. The above map is a track of my cell phone that updates every 5 seconds when I have it turned on from my phone. You can view everywhere I go and everything I see anytime you want. This doesn’t mean you can watch and find out where I live (By accepting the terms of use it says you agree not to do this) but you can imagine the implications this could have on the future of cell phone technology and the classroom.


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    I’m having a lot of fun with InstaMapper’s GPS Tracking application on my iPhone 3G. The client application takes live GPS data from the iPhone’s position and transmits this to their servers at regular intervals. Using GPS positioning, the iPhone software can calculate the speed at which you are travelling and also the heading as a bearing.

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