It's a Wrap! Conference Unplugged and Newbie 102 – Avatar Makeover

The last two Wednesday Workshops at the DEN in SL are what the DEN is all about, networking and sharing! We are our best resource!!


On August 6th about 20 avatars gathered in the DEN in SL garden and shared various technology resources, tools and best practices that were learned this summer at NECC, Discovery Institutes, state and school professional development workshops, reading blogs, twitter and plurk. There were lots of ideas shared for using DE streaming for collaboration and creativity using some of these Web 2.0 tools. Ideas on using wikis, nings and blogs, ustream and mogulus for collaboration were shared. Tools such as Animoto, Voicethread, Blabberize, Voki, Kerpoof, and Tux Paint for creativity were shared. Please add a comment to share something you learned this summer.


8-13two.jpg 8-13one.jpg

Tonight, up in the DEN Tower, Faythe Fouroux ( aka Melanie Ruiz), one of our DEN STARS and DEN in SL guides,  presented Newbie 102, Avatar Makeovers. She shared many suggestions for how to create a new look for your avatar, including lots of landmarks for free and inexpensive places to shop. At the end many teleported to go find their formal wear for next week’s Gala. Check out our google group for a notecard with landmarks and a copy of the Newbie 102 ppt, so you too can be “dressed to the nines” at the DEN in SL Anniversary Gala on August 20th.




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  1. Faythe Fouroux said:

    How I love presenting at the DEN in SL! The people there rock, especially the Guides and LC Members! You guys are a wonderful support system and really empower people. Thank you so much for inviting me to present (again) and for all the positive feedback. I am definitely feeling the DEN love! =)

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