Set to Screen: Cinematography


We’ve been getting a unique chance to get behind the camera of a major motion picture this summer and fall through Apple’s partnership with Baz Luhrmann and his upcoming movie, Australia. The latest installment deals with cinematography and the partnership between director and the director of cinematography.
s2snicolehugh.jpgYou don’t have to be a master movie maker or a Mac user to appreciate the planning and attention to detail that they describe in this latest podcast. You also don’t have to have Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, the production crew, and all the fancy equipment you see in this podcast to apply the principles described to your classroom projects.

s2sladder.jpgListen as they describe the planning process and ask themselves what mood or emotion is being conveyed here, where is the light coming from, and what scene/image comes next? Regardless of onscreen talent and equipment, those are questions any good visual storyteller should be asking.

Screenshots are from the Set to Screen “Cinematography” podcast.


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  1. Scott Holcomb said:

    Great post about the flash based vid cameras. We have a few teachers here at Memphis City Schools using them, but as a Nerdier educator- I’m holding out for the new Kodak Zi6 due to it’s screen, and more importantly- it’s H.264 codec! The reviews are looking really good for this anticipated pocket cam! I know I can’t wait to review it!

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Try using one of your regular vendors or Amazon. A lot of manufacturers don’t do much in the way of sales. B&H Photo ( is also out your way. They usually carry EVERYTHING and have good prices. Don’t forget the rebate if you get 3 or more.

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