Day of Discovery at Discovery Headquarters

On Wednesday August 13th, educators from Maryland, D. C. and Virginia met to have a “Day of Discovery”. We heard presentations from Scott Kinney and Hall Davidson. Both were wonderful speeches where each man shared invaluable information on how to engage students using technology. During the day we attended three breakout session where the teachers were introduced to ways to really make engaging PowerPoint’s using embedded videos and sounds, many different ways to use Discovery Streaming to in your classroom and ways to asses students using Movie Maker (free download), Photostory(free download) and Adobe Premier Elements. One part of the day that I found very interesting was Hall Davidson’s talk about how to use cell phones for education. If you have a Nokia phone you can use Qik to have live cell phone feeds. If your phone takes videos, you can upload your videos from your phone to You Tube. Ever use Jott? You set up an account and then the user can send a voice message and it is transferred into text. Interested in podcasts? Go to G Cast. At Poll Everywhere you can set up a poll that can be accessed from all of the country using your cell phone. If you use Twitter, you can have use Twitter from your cell phone. All in all, it was a wonderful day!


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  1. Laura Pilker said:

    I’m so jealous! I wanted to go, but that was our back-to-school prep week and I couldn’t. Sounds like it was fun and informative!

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