A VERY Special Invitation

You are officially invited to attend the DEN in SL 1st Anniversary Gala – “Dressed to the Nines”!

This will be a formal affair so start looking for your gowns and tuxes. If you need help just contact one of the DEN LC or DEN guides.  There are many freebie places or splurge and go shopping for some SL couture!  Don’t forget to scroll down this page to the bottom right, Blogroll, click on the link to ‘Fabulously Free in SL’ for ideas to some free clothing & accessories.

There will be a DJ, dancing, games with prizes of course, places for informal quiet chats and of lots of surprises!!

DATE:  August 20, 2008

TIME: 5 p.m. SLT ( 7 p.m. CDT 8 p.m. EST)


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  1. Anne Truger said:

    I am soooo excited! I am all ready to go. Just bought my dress and jewelry tonight! Ready to trip the light fantastic…hope to see many of you there!

    ~JessieMarie Flanagan

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Boy, there are some light weight avatars at this party. Midnight Linden time, and only the press is here!

  3. Nancy Sharoff said:

    You must still be on Qatar time! LOL Midnight ‘Linden’ time would make that 3 a.m. on the East coast, and yup, that would find most of us asleep. Sorry you missed the fun, and the dancing, and the arcade games (though those will stay up a while), and the dancing, and the spoolfer (don’t ask….all I know is I didn’t win any money!), and the dancing….and did I mention ‘the dancing’?

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