How I put 2+2 together with Firefox tabs

I like to multitask. At any given time I usually have about 6 different application windows up and running on my laptop (not to mention all the items running in the background). So, it would follow that I similarly have a ton of tabs open in Firefox. Here are two tips for those wanting to get the most out of thcurrentpages.pngeir browser.

First, when you set your homepage, why not set several tabs as your homepage instead of the usual one? I use email, Google Docs and my Netvibes reader. To do this just open up the tabs you want to use (no more, no less) and then click Tools and see the image to the right here for more info.  Notice the word “pages” is plural! Click and there you go.  The next time you open your browser you’ll have all your goodies open!

Second tip, If you have a bunch of tabs open about the same topic you can tabs.pngbookmark them all at once.  Just click Bookmarks and then  Bookmark all tabs. I usually choose to create a folder when I bookmark several at once.   Now they are all organized for me and I didn’t have to click for each one.  In addition, you can delete them easily because it just takes one click to delete the entire folder. Ever actually go through all of your old bookmarks?  That’s a task I dread.

Now the cool part.  Let’s say you are teaching a lesson on the solar system and you haopentabs.pngve several online resources (including Discovery Streaming of course), ahead of time you bookmark a bunch of appropriate pages and keep them in a folder. Then when its time for the lesson you navigate to that folder in your bookmarks and click  Open All in Tabs. Viola! I’m going to be presenting to an administrator shortly and I have my resources in a single folder which I will just open at once, no wasted time clicking on all of them individually.

Now I can’t tell you if this will work in Internet Explorer or Safari because… well I just don’t use them because I consider them inferior (just my take).

~Dave Kootman


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