DEN in Second Life – 1st Anniversary Gala

Has it really been a year already?  I remember vividly when a group of us all met up in Second Life, sat down in a sparsely furnished room and established our most unusual Leadership Council to date.  Since then, the DEN has become one of the most active education communities in SL.  From Discovery themed events to the weekly PD workshops, the DEN in SL Leadership Council has helped literally hundreds of educators get their start in virtual worlds.  With over 60 events and a crack team of volunteer guides, it is truly incredible what they have accomplished in a relatively short time.

Well, tomorrow the DEN celebrates it’s one year anniversary with a black tie affair, “Dressed to the Nines.”  Time to break out your best dress and tuxedo and celebrate in style.

New to Second Life?  This is a perfect opportunity for your first visit!

Aren’t dressed for success yet?  Don’t worry, visit this site to give yourself an extreme makeover on a zero budget.

So join us on Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern to celebrate one year of rocking the virtual world, and to see what they have in store for the 08-09 school year!


The grand opening, just one short year ago!


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