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Greetings, Blogosphere!
I am Porter Palmer, the manager of alternate assessment projects at Discovery Education Assessment and technology fanatic extraordinaire! I have been given this wonderful opportunity to share some things on our assessment blog, and could not be more excited.

So, this is a blog devoted to assessment and my very first post isn’t exactly about assessment. Hopefully y’all won’t mind too much. This is indirectly related to assessment. One of the features of Discovery Education Assessment’s products is our Resources area. Once you’re logged in, the navigation bar looks similar to this:

navigation bar showing resources tab

When you click on Resources, there are links to URLs for your state’s standards, goals, performance indicators, skills, or whatever term your state uses for the chunks of stuff they expect students to learn.

I am sure that y’all know that new instructional resources are creeping up on the Internet all the time. We have also been expanding our grades and subjects, so we are in the process of linking URLs to skills. To make our job easier internally, we created a delicious site to share bookmarks of websites that had either links to sites with instructional materials or a large quantity of instructional materials. For those of you already familiar with delicious, here’s the link: http://delicious.com/discoveryea.  For those who don’t have experience with it, delicious is a social bookmarking site, one of those handy web2.0 tools. You can store, share, and discover web bookmarks on delicious.

What started as an idea to assist those of us who are charged with the laborious but extremely fun job of surfing the net for great instructional websites, turned into something I thought we should share.

I wonder if you have some ideas of how you might effectively use delicious in your classroom, school, district, etc. to collaborate. If you do, share them here.  If you find any of our bookmarks extremely helpful, share that too! Tell your stories so others might learn.

If you have a delicious account, add us to your network. If you don’t have a delicious account, you can still use our page as a portal to instructional materials. (Disclaimer: I can’t promise that all the links on the bookmarked pages are free or that they don’t require a membership for some content. I can promise that I tried really hard to make sure the sites are free and don’t require memberships!)

Until next time!
Your friendly assessment nerd, Porter

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain


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  1. Rippster said:

    I use delicious for a research project my students do on Internet Safety. I have search the net for appropriate websites and the students use my delicious to access them. Saves time and frustration on both my part and their energy.

  2. Tim Childrs said:

    This is a great resource. I will definitely connect to it through Delicious. I also plan to share this resources with our teachers during our January back-to-school training time. Jennifer Dorman has already created a great site in Diigo for Discovery Educators. A lot of us are uploading great sites all the time.

  3. Sherry Wetherhold said:

    I currently do not use Delicious but I can see using this resource to share with my colleagues. There have been many instances where colleagues would be talking about a useful website and the link was to be sent but recipients were missed. Having access to the links that are found useful could save a lot of time searching for sites that have already been found.

  4. Janell Larson said:

    Thank you! You have made my job a lot easier. I’m always looking for web sites for teachers to use with their students. I plan to pass on this information to my staff and do more exploring for my own instruction in the library.

  5. Shelli Casner said:

    I use delicious 2 ways at my school. First, my department using it to share our links w/ each other. It is so much more convenient this way then to email them and end up trashing the link or putting it in your cabinet and never looking at it again. I also use it for an excel family budget project tht my students must complete. They use our delicious account to save some time when completing the research.

  6. Stephen Banks said:

    Hey nice post, thanks Porter! Tried using the big “D” with my class this week and have a lot less hair than I did on Sunday…worked out in the end but…we now have 24 students sharing their research with each other!


  7. Kmowest said:

    Anyone tried out new SMART Response pads? I would like to use them next school term.

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