Best Teaching Videos? I Don't Think So!

The ironically titled site” blogged a list claiming “100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers.”   Say it ain’t so.  While there are some old favorites and familiar gems in the 100, there are also some terrible choices, videos that don’t serve teachers at all.  Worse, old middle school yt.pngteacher that I am, I am hard to offend, but there is a video in this list that manages it.  Peruse the list.  Find me wrong!  If I pulled from the last five years of winners from the des.pngCalifornia Student Media Festival, I believe could find a better list.  Not to mention the other great student and teacher media festivals around the country. What do you think?  I’d love your opinion. Videos for teaching are still about curriculum, one way or another, hint hint.  Or at least about project building.

On a happier distracting note, in a report to American Psychological Association, apa.pngprofessors from Central Connecticut State University concluded that students who read while text messaging read more slowly (no kidding!) but did not suffer any loss of comprehension.   Check Education WeekAug. 15, for the story. Cellphones, multitasking, and the future—maybe at your school soon.  The APA also did a press release stating “Playing Video Games Offers Learning Across Life Span…Skills Transfer to Classroom, Surgical Procedures, Scientific Thinking.”  Keep watching the scientists for insights and data on what we suspected all along.


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  1. Tennessee said:

    Hall, those of us who are “here” are all here for a reason. WE believe in integrating technology into our core curriculum to better enhance student learning and engagement. It is wonderful to see that the “scientists” are finally backing up what we have suspected, or knew, all along! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Thank YOU, Tennessee. I’m sorry this comment stayed so in the ‘moderation’ limbo. I need to fix that! – Have a great school year! – Hall

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