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As the new school year gears up, I thought I’d take a few more looks at past festivals and contests that might give you ideas for projects with your students. Though this is only open to high school and college students, the FYI challenge would be a timely model for any age group in this election year. Looking at last year’s winners, they ran the gamut of issues on young people’s minds and came away with a variety of awards from the impressive list of sponsoring organizations.

Remember, you don’t have to enter any of these festivals and contests to learn from them. As always, I recommend you look at them for ideas to spark timely projects with your own students and with your own parameters. Then, when you find yourself saying, “We could do that,” jump in.


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  1. locspoc said:

    wish there was something like this going when i was a kid, these types of competitions are awesome!

  2. Matthew said:

    Although the deadline for this year’s contest is well past, the issues will likely remain the same or at least similar and a video created this school year could be entered in the 2009 contest.

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