It's a Wrap – Anniversay Gala

gala8-20_011 aug 20_001

Phew, is all I can say!  Why, you ask?  Imagine hosting an Anniversay Gala, imagine redecorating your home, purchasing arcade games for your guests to play (yeah, Cel…I’m gonna beat your high score!), hiring a DJ, stationing a limo outside your home and 40 minutes before the start of your event, but after the paparazzi had arrived, your Department of Public Works decides to close all roads accessing your home.  Yup, that’s what the DEN in SL LC faced at 7:20 p.m. yesterday.  I decided to head in early and this is what I saw on my screen:

login failure - KJHax
image from Flickr – KJarrett

Needless to say Skype was up and running within minutes.   Eventually Beth made it in-world, though was redirected to another island.  The rest of us continued to stare at our screens and the spinning circle indicating that something (though we weren’t sure what) was happening.  Poof!  I’m in….though I ended up in a Hobo railroad encampment — and not fully rezzed at that!

Aug 20_002

Riptide was able to get in-world shortly after, again landing on another island. And although we offered teleport, Riptide decided he needed to explore his current location a little further as he was surrounded by avatars all facing the same direction and something about ‘Night of the Living Dead’….???? Soon thereafter, it was ‘raining avatars and alts’!

gala8-20_001 gala8-20_002

By 8:15 the gala was well underway and by 8:30 most of us were on the top floor dancing to the tunes of Gregster Kidd.

The theme was ‘Dressed to the Nines’ and indeed our guests were. And with the pose balls on the dance floor loaded with ballroom dancing animations the evening was indeed a sight to behold. Skirts were swirling, gentlemen were dipping, and nary a toe was stepped on. Our DJ was absolutely amazing, flawlessly spinning tunes requested by our guests (I can ONLY imagine what his inventory must look like! LOL).
gala8-20_018 gala8-20_019 gala8-20_021 Aug 20_010    DEN in SL 1st Anniversary Gala Dress to the Nines-67.bmp DEN in SL 1st Anniversary Gala Dress to the Nines-58.bmp DEN in SL 1st Anniversary Gala Dress to the Nines-28.bmp DEN in SL 1st Anniversary Gala Dress to the Nines-9.bmp
Images from Flickr – DiscoveryEducation and kkrossbow

Thanks to all who stopped by to help celebrate the DEN in SL’s 1st anniversary, and if you were unable to join us last night for a night of fun, dancing, and socializing, don’t worry….Halloween is JUST around the corner!  And we know what THAT means at the DEN in SL!!! P.A.R.T.Y.-time!!!

DEN in SL 1st Anniversary Gala Dress to the Nines-36.bmp


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